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GANDHI Canon by George Anca

George Anca



play turns to Gandhianism


Prima donna


Regista, Witty

Regista: You're instinct liberator with self-breaking taboos.
Witty: I guessed  he did it to you. And he boasted me, Bravo mister, you came  with her to tell me you fucked my babe.
Regista: I also think you did not know him.
Witty: Pretty soon to forget the Romanians. What can I not self believe anymore, that you raped me?
Regista: As well as  you have been implanted on to me?  The author points out a variation of the subject between the couples caught and detached from the game.
Witty: Not once the blow-out is even. Another distribution is stamped, unavailable holders. Hear is about how to never play the play, pushing actors, scene after scene,  preferably in the carcass or tomb, if it is also incinerated as usual in the delicacy of our destination.
Regista: We count on directing and  spectators-show. 
Atma, Horace

Atma: Do you know about Shivaramaya's assassination?
Horace: I've heard. Friend with the former deputy chancellor and me. I also received a threat of death from Iran if not from Romanian security together with them. And Shiv explained the legal ways of my attack, if I had been defending myself in India. The confused accusation of anticommunist Cassanovism had not held him back. Not even the Rushdie article. Until today, nothing. I had also forgotten in India of the incident. Was he not  assassinated for me?
Atma: The death threat is mathematically fatal.
Horace: The right to murder that kills one another's curse.
Atma: Crack of Shivji and NN, murder and cancer. The message I'm going to send is not known to me.
Horace: On Barakamba Intercontinental floor 14, I do not need my person anymore.
Atma: Ashok went to Avignon, invited by Brook. Here's Vanesa Redgrave.
Horace: Invite, Sir, visiting professors.
Atma: They only gave dictionaries or Indological India. Come with Hindi, more like English.
Horace: Sir, but  the money gave you were to pay me, not to wear them.

Horace, Som

(Horace, introduced to Som. Refreshments, white lemon).
Horace: Sinha has great ideas.
Som: He can not maintain his own buildings. Do you know how much a new one costs? 400 crores.
Horace: He was thinking of a Eliade Bhavan in Shantiniketan.
Som: I got your point, pragmatism. There are rich people in Chicago. His budget was cut. Shantiniketan lives more on ICCR. They do not keep their courses well enough, foreigners complain.
Horace: I was glad to hold a conference.
Som: Look, 30,000 rupees are here a lot. I give somebody to catalog the Romanian books from the Indian National Library. He can sit at either them or Ramakrishna Mission. You write my proposals in a letter, you show it to the ambassador and you send it to me. I'll answer you.
Horace: Just one of my librarians stayed at Ramakrishna Mission.
Som: I give you as gift a tie with  ICCR sign.
Horace: I also received one from President Dayal Sharma.
Som: I have to make 17 cultural centers and two chairs. But a construction costs 4-5 crores of rupees. Conferences, student exchange annually.
Horace: A Bessarabian was abhorred by Romanian books received in Chisinau.
Som: India is not Bessarabia.
Horace: Oh, my God, what shaving blade of Romania. Somji, you platen me to pragmatism, but offering more than I would have allowed to ask - scholarships, stipends, understanding. That's what I'm saying, what's going on out to Minister Murli, which theater  swollen-deflated.

Horace, Gupta

Horace: Noon-janoon.
Gupta: You have nothing to tell.
Horace: Where you come from, where you are gone.
Gupta: You would not ask me.
Horace: I would not ask you.
Gupta: Former adulterous, neither at reconciliation it bring their mind.
Horace: The world says I look good for this age.
Gupta: Well, nothing changed.
Horace: Maybe we do not lose all the breath for so many years.
Gupta: Bhai riksha, come on. It's my country. I was not anywhere, not in England.
Horace: Leave the Tamil alone.
Gupta: Bum bum, Subramanian Bharati.
Horace: Why did not you come to anthropology? We have Armenians from Calcutta, African tribes.
Gupta: In India, Calcutta, Bombay, Madras do not have so many cars.
Horace: Poetry, why not drama.
Gupta: You are a very dramatic person.
Horace: Re-ho-bo'am was one and forty zears. Old when he started to reign. And he reigned seventeen years in Jerusalem, the city which the LORD had chosen all the tribes of Israel to put his name there.
Horace: So Victoria, Queen to her  island, Empress, like Shah Jahan.
Gupta: The gate of India in Bombay is taken after Fartherpour Sikri and after the Roman triumphal arches.
Horace: Read the Taj, read the Koran.
Gupta: What did I say to you, Mr. Gupta, when you wanted to convert me, I had translated Kent's recipe from French to English.
Horace: Get the fish bone in my throat at Shantiniketan, and I'm in the throat of the fish in Bombay.
Gupta: The women  remember the dead who beat them, the good ones  they forget them.


Nansi, Nilima

Nansi: You have no inspiration.
Nilima: No life.
Nansi: Right in Shalimar Bagh.
Marza fucked Mary and passed her to Omer to whom she fell în love.  Having sex with someone, she falls in love instantly.
Nansi: After the last, she met a seventy.
Nansi: That's why you smiled, pop.
Nilima: A Punjabi, eight-year-old widow, has rites, walks around, walks over. He's not getting very accommodated.
Nansi: Who else to rape virgins over 50?
Nilima: He does not laugh, I do not meet anyone. Pansy or not,  vegetarian, he fried my chicken  tandoori and died my stomach.
Nansi: How is  the singer doing in the Messiah by Haendel?
Nilima: A choir from south comes to Calcutta.
Nansi: Zentescu says you were hanging around with him and talking about me.
Nilima: Your madness went if you had it.
Nansi: We praise our girls.
Nilima: We grab our sin. The future is the friendship.
Nansi: With your mother at 72, in Philadelphia, after the expiration of the Cambridge contract.

Vidusha, Regista, Registrar

Vidhusha: My hour is my love.
Regista: The recitative does not belong to the author, no character, nor Pirandello.
Vidusha: Rama and play.
Regista:  I  no longer endure a Banyan in the air, over poisoned land. Obsession the diction, drama the neurosis. 
Vidusha: We would answer in the corners, in English,  as we approach the Maharastra, like Punjab approaching  the Himachal.
Regista: And all the other similarities, minus the war of the cowboy. Cloud strolling our swell induced from drama. We live in chorus, we sing Christian.
Vidusha: Camilla carries the empire to Braila.
Regista: You're still thinking, Vidusha. I dig cantilena's laziness.
Vidusha: With all of us then we draw a mother of beating, that it was obscene.
Regista (to the prima donna): Turn around for a moment, be crazy. I would not have imagined you were not,  you would not be crazy. Remember what you forgot, forget what you remember. No one.
Prima donna: We live our own life in private. Do not go any more to the theater, fuck the theater. There you play your bedding, blend your contemporaries, Tanda with Manda mandatanda.
Vidusha: Parachutists praise yourself, pray Durga.
Regista: Corrupting good nonsense. I'm going to India, I see what I find. It laughs your rehearsal time.
Vidushaka: Rarely more cruel criminals than our antishakspearian play.
Regista: Because we're putting it on Chowringhee.
Vidusha: Hema Malini puts Gitagovinda.
Registrar: Max Muller was paid to denigrate Vedas.
Vidusha: He loved India.
Regista: The English had to show their superiority, East Companies. He didn't get a post in Germany. 
Vidushaka: So he arrived at Oxford. India is Ramayana, the world is Gita. You worshiped Lakshmi, you escaped everything.
Regista: How did Alarmel Valli dance in Elephanta. Desperation to say ever  that you are alive.
Vidusha: Have the Italians left robbing, the Indian ministers accused for  resignation, are you talking constitutionality or political morality? What did you look for Elephanta? I heard something and did not go. You insisted on the constitution. I've formed myself with halving, we are consoled to decapitate you.
Regista: You're going to end up as you   started. Do not write poems from a piece, from a slap.
Vidusha: And do not have any explanations. Forget it, my dear.
Regista: You do not have anywhere but only how you started.

Usha, Horace

Usha: On Gandhi, I dreamed either in memoriam, or in politics. Garland on arrests.
Horace: I'm fathered by India. 
Usha: People do not fly on New Year 2000.
Horace: Our play will be played in Elephanta.
Usha: Poetry soothes drama. It was a dream of a salon, you see. For time being,  god is great. You were praying at Ganesha, you got power.
Horace: Free devil in jail. Creation is freedom. There is no one else to give freedom to the creator. Maharani have intimidated us.
Usha: Blood eye, blood skull, beautiful country of South Africa.
Horace: Prayer at Mumba.  Nehru, reincarnation of Eminescu.


Garland mahatma from lady in  khadi.
 Martin Luther King sleeping for three days in the Gandhi vibrations.
Gandhian old lady.
Eliade had seen a nationalist  and his khadi.
Two injustice to Netaji and Patel.
I have no enemies.
I mean, not even those who were trying to assassinate him. Neither the assassin.
We see the garland.
Theater Romania Gandhi.
Agon actor, bhakti shakti in Mumba devi.
I wear the face of Kali when I kill the fiery dragon.
Do not gossip, do not go to other rooms. Against the thieves, you are asked to be sure you closed the bathroom window at night and lock the bathroom door on the inside. That's just for those downstairs. Any hallucinogenic drugs, smoking, alcohol, and sex are strictly prohibited in the ashram space. Do not be nailed or put pictures on the walls.
Savitri by Sri Aurobindo
Awhile withdrawn in secret fields of thought
Her mind moved into a many-imaged past
That lived again and saw its end approach.
Mother Savitri helps us to philosophize.
Yoga of Spiritual Freedom.
Gandhi spoke at any moment Ram Ram, slowly, in thought.
Conscious Aurobindo cosmic but also earthly.
We try a  shanti Romanian Indology with and without Gandhi.


The conference started on magnetism.
Feathers fly alone from the wings,
wings from the muscles,
the muscles from the bones,
the bones from the heavens.
Everyone loves his chains, he does not yet want to go to heaven, called by Narada at the command of Vishnu.
In Bhartya Vidya, dawdle on my own taste, and I read to them from Eminescu in Sanskrit and Jayadeva recital kavya in Elephanta.
Gandhi with Usha Mehta, gandhian. Reverence: GD Birla, JRD Tata, Walchand Hirachano, Jamnalal Bajaj, TV Sundaram, Yyangar Gujar, Mal Modi creators of wealth, Satyajit Ray, MS Subbulakshmi, Raj Kapoor, Madhubala artists and entertainers, Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Muhamad Iqbal , Munshi Premchand, great minds and spiritual.
King, in a glass of memory. With Usha Mehta for an hour. I could not even leave, like Martin Luther King. I had cotton
to spin India.
Usha, the Harijan and the Romanian how to tell them that the world is a family?
The sunrise and what
more it is, the clot rises under the blue sap of the spring, especially Kalidasa and, like him, they all dasas.
Ashok Lalan gives me a newspaper cut, in Hindi, about Hanuman Chalisa in Romanian,
by me, and what we told  seems good to me. I doubt he did not see that I'm staying and I'll see Ramjit Singh. The Ramayana Conference would be not only academic but also spiritual. And his inspiration, the divine impulse gave them - he points to Hanuman.
A spiritual inspiration. Just think it's cold here, I'm taking my
raincoat. At least he asked on blanket. I ate. He handed it. Five stars. But I'm tired. Considered with explanation. I did not oppose spirituality. There would be times for the best, but also for the worst.


And some are elected. I knew why I did not open the TV in the morning. I lowered my luggage. I gave the garland to the children. The daughter of Vyas brought me and the servant to the Aurobindo Ashram. I had seen him at arrival in Saket earlier. Lalan wanted me   to stay with an Arya Samaj.
The spiritual perspective is the only tempting, the drishti trkala, the three-time vision of Sri Aurobindo, the truth or the abyss new era, the messenger of the incommunicable.
Jesus I have many things to tell you, but you can not hear them now. The incomprehensible absolute brahman, each one is a messenger, but we do not know how to say it. Sanathana dharma, representing eternal truths, is not the subject of time and its triple formula - birth, growth, decline.
The defense of the Hindu ideal, the difference between spirituality-soul-religion-heart-philosophy-head, a static defense of the past will only lead to cultural chauvinism. As the West comes to assimilate you, so you assimilate the West. Compare yourself to the future.
Climb down to climb again. We have to lead the world.
Sunrise, a spiritual moment in Bombay, counter-play, grinding something with the despair of immutability.
I go to university, to sad brothers, I am India the world mother. The Indian priest in Durbam with a cap, not a Czech hat, first that South Africa is India's first world. Their parents, third world. He feels humiliated, like Indian, with Indian movies. An ideal society is a vehicle of the divine. The Divine, as the inner soul of collective humanity, is Jagannatha's lord, the master of the world. And his four wheels are unity, freedom, knowledge and power ego-sattwic-rajasic-tamasic.
Sanatana dharma is the life itself. The water does not flow, horseman. I
put regulation  straight to the play.
I have the technique of passing the days. I would go tonight to meditation. When he left his sight - like Milton at Paradise Lost -, Aurobindo dictated Savitri at the same rhythm, jumping. No cantos, no books, no lotus structure.
I'm going to the play. I do not have the
chest of heart as student. I have no replies. Aurobindo received me in consciousness. Four vedas, four gospels.
Meditation in four ragas. My tears were drying up, not the garlands.
Big things, bad and good, hop  me
too, that is, you tell me that I'm not moving, and I just did not come to Ramayana. Some magnet has been calling for me.
South African
opinions on Indo-Europeanism. Maybe more things in none. No plan like meditation, no memory. You lose the right to surprise, that I put the evil ahead.  It is  waving the lingam of Murano. Lily's parents did not want Shiv. 41 steps taken by Parvati to marry Shiva.


How many beings in the ocean, so many goodies I and
you have.
I saw
you Shiva without your hands, without feet.
Let's also study our daughter's
marital horoscope.
Our being is  traveling as a breeze.
Like Vivekananda, like Vedanta.
We were interested in the Marmatia Conjuration, the sea lilies.
Neither Dinosaurs had ordered in Alpha Centauri, and resurrected our laurels. 
Water too blue,
you sing of a world,
or  Zoroastrian.

We fly in the exile sonnet. Nehru Mountbatten.
Gandhi's cell, no more under the open sky.
Castes were not brought by Alexander, nor by the Aryans.
It was like you called them, as if you had not driven them away.
Like the brunette Mumba Devi the bell worships her.
We'll keep listening,
we will pull the trick,
we will draw the time,
we will pull each other to the last,
if we will well understand the order toward peace of ours.
Mahavir gives his  clothes to a beggar.
The wedding of Tulsi plant with Lord Krishna.
Ganesha numbered me before the first punch under the Malabar hill.
Goodbye to Montecarlo TV.
We come from Brancusi coherence, a silent  stone, an echo of India mother, from stars whispering Vedas across all sky of the worlds.
As for the attempted assassination, the subject of the countries gets thinner.
In the play: nav-new, neet-path.
The sacred prism
shanti lingam
siddhi lingam
jyotir lingam
agni lingam
ananda lingam
bhakti lingam
Kabir shakti lingam
Ganesh kathakali in Kerala
bharatnatyan in Tamil Nadu
garba in Gujarat
manipuri in Manipur
bangra in Punjab

Center Gandhi in Berlin, Washington.
90 volumes of truth is not violence.
Sense of alienation in alienation.
The same affection as before independence.
I have no enemy in this world.
Do not make statues to me.
Forget Gandhi Vedantin.
Lessons in Gandhi thinking at the University of Bombay.
Gandhian revolution khadi.
Usha satyagrahi arrested in 1932. Bapu, a day of silence a week. And my dolls were dressed in khadi. Only khadi for life. - And do not marry. - He taught me to weave.
Mani bhavan, diamond merchant, host of Gandhi. In 1956, Martin Luther King slept here on the floor under the sky.
60,000 books in the Gandhi Museum Library in the Mani House.
Do not be on the wing or on the shield.
The books read by Gandhi, several bibles there. What's that love after all. What the truth is, god with peace. How many Pharisees stumble from his stamp.


Being not tired in India but by self in India, away from yours, not too close to theirs. I always get on with a denial, an idea, an obsession. I adjust my breathing and spasms, put them in another account - they may shoot each other. Phrases on renunciation terrace. Then Netaji with the Marshal, the captain with Mahatma. In the verse, I hear that Tagore was 7 years older.  And you made them a bigger envelope. He could be upset. Good luck that we liked as adults among the Gandhians. Let's stay, if our paths, our wounds are not closed. I could talk about life like India. In fact, Jinnah seems like the captain at the old age. Gandhian lady sees the   Sanatani Orthodoxy.
Maybe I can be sorry. Gandhian rhythm finally. Today's message makes clearer that of yesterday. He was wearing khadi, like you dhoti in Trivandrum. He was washing his laundry, not Nehru. Dating meetings in darbar. Traditional silk dhoti from Porbunder. Do not forget to ask of the house. Brahmin banya. Hey, how good shark meat with peppers and rosemary.
We explain the course of nonattachment, the detachment let wait. We don't see but spinning.  Do not break, you broke. How do you screw your head, so to bind you-untie the incantation over the hill.
From the twig to twig walk Gandhianlike  over unattractive circumstances. Kind of music, the tic tac of cold silence. Now the invitation to the only one alone. You followed  a voice, a letter, then a word. Allow willingly to fail the incarnations. Coral Haendel getting us peace.  
Ramayanic we may  denounce our confession at the right time.
We would all straighten out of father paralysis, as   writes in the prayer of face. What I will tell you, what I will wish you, how you will answer my career, grinding us on your theory that the dead we are, it consumes us, and yet we have seen a match on the stadium.
The night is not long anymore.
Maybe my youth would have caught me, not in the  symmetry between Mussolini and Gandhi.
Speech on the land route. Tyrolean alps. The skirt despises my subconscious from time to time. And unpleasant Matisse-Palladi, as an injustice not to Netaji or Patel.
For him some of us quit before the candle.
How do you get down the bust of ladies.
Right now, unnoticed, the world is eating crayfish from the Gulf of Thailand, we are eating each other as crayfish.
The diamonds of Muni.
Hosting under wax,
balcony talking,
gandhi thinking,
shanti mandir,
torment mortification,
whip whipping,
ladder ladders,
weigh forethought.
I came to look at the Murano crystals in the shape of linga elephant. Mumba receives the song in spiral.
Be Gandhi. 

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