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Draghicesco în America

Carmen Hendershott:
This e-mail contains the references I found on Dimitrie Draghicesco. I am sorry I have taken a month to respond to your request, but it took a lot more than a few clicks to get them. I have also obtained print-outs (photocopies) of the articles cited, except for the one by W. Paul Vogt, which really is not on your topic. Please let me know if you want me to scan the copies to you (I am not sure if you receive scans.), or if, failing that, you want them mailed to you. If you want them mailed, send me the full address to which they should go.

Publications by and about Dimitrie Draghicesco:
Note: I checked several major indexing and abstracting databases for various disciplines. Most citations in these databases were in French. Possibly, French-language databases would show additional citations, but this is what showed up in the English-language ones to which I have access.

By Dimitrie Draghicesco:

Essai sur l’interprétation sociologique des phénomènes conscients, parts 1 & 2.” In: Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Ėtranger v.78 1914 July-December, pp.225-250.
Essai sur l’interprétation sociologique des phénomènes conscients, part 3.” In: Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Ėtranger v.78 1914 July-December, pp.305-344.

La Réalité de l’Esprit. Essai de Sociologie Subjective avec une Préface de L[ucien] Lévy-Bruhl. Oxford: Alcan, 1928. (book) Abstract of book’s main points given in PsycInfo database.

La Roumanie et les Roumains d’Autriche-Hongrie.” In: Revue Politique et Littéraire; Revue Bleue v.56 1918, pp.508-511.

About Dimitrie Draghicesco:

[L., J.H.] Review of book by Dimitrie Draghicesco, by  “J.H.L.” Book reviewed: L’Idéal Createur, Essai Psycho-sociologique sur l’Ėvolution Sociale  (Paris: Alcan, 1914). Review appeared in: Psychological Bulletin v.11 (12) 1914 December, pp.477-478. Note: The number in parentheses (12) is the issue number. Issue numbers, when available, are similarly indicated in other citations.

Hershey, John H. “God, Man, and Dimitrie Draghicesco.” In: Humanist (Buffalo, New York) (Published by The American Ethical Union) v.13 January 1, 1953, pp.267-270. Note: This is the only full-length article actually devoted to Draghicesco that I found. Most of what is out there are book reviews and/or summaries.

Mead, George Herbert. Review of a book and a brochure by Dimitrie Draghicesco. The book is Du Rôle de l’Individu dans le Déterminisme Social (Paris: Félix Alcan, 1904. The brochure is Le Problème du Déterminisme biologique et Déterminisme sociale (Paris: Editions de la Grande France, 1903). These reviews appear together in Psychological Bulletin v.2 (12) 1905 December, pp.399-405. Note: George Herbert Mead is a major social scientist  and philosopher in the United States; it is noteworthy that writings by Draghicesco could attract reviews from a scholar of Mead’s importance.

Robu, Cornel. “Milestones in Postwar Romanian Science Fiction.” In: Foundation Summer 1990, pp.5-22. Draghicesco is mentioned incidentally here, in footnote 9 on p.21 of this article, but the footnote is substantial.

Vogt, W. Paul. “Identifying Scholarly and Intellectual Communities: A Note on French Philosophy 1900-1939.” In: History and Theory v.21 (2) 1982, pp.267-278. Again, Draghicenso is mentioned incidentally in an article that does a contributor analysis of two core French philosophy journals, Revue Philosophique and Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale. Draghicesco is listed  on p.277 as a contributor to the former journal but not as a contributor to the latter one.

Carmen Hendershott
March 17, 2014

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