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George Anca va participa la World Indology Conference, Delhi, 21-23 noiembrie 2015

 India to host 'World Indology Conference' on Nov 21-23

NEW DELHI, Nov 13, 2015 (BSS) - The Rashtrapati Bhavan of India will host for the first time "World Indology Conference" in collaboration with Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) from November 21 to 23.

Around 21 eminent Indologists from across the world and eight senior scholars from India would deliberate on various topics related to Indian culture and philosophy.

A "Distinguished Indologist" Award will be presented by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee to Professor Heinrich Freiherr Von Stietencron of Germany on the occasion. Such an Award is being instituted for the first time by ICCR.

Pranab Mukherjee will inaugurate the Conference on November 21.

ICCR has instituted the annual "ICCR Distinguished Indologist Award", which includes 20,000 US dollars and a citation, to recognize eminent Indologists working abroad.

International scholars who will participate in the Conference include Professor Anisuzzaman from Bangladesh, Fernando Tola from Argentina, Prof Oscar Punjol Riembau from Brazil, Sergio Meliton Carrasco Alvarez from Chile, Prof Dr Jaroslav Vacek from Czech Republic, Dr Kenneth Gregory Zysk from Denmark, Prof I. Wayan Ardika from Indonesia, Prof Claus Peter Zoller from Norway, Prof Danuta Stasik from Poland, Dr George Anca from Romania, Prof Javier Ruiz Calderon from Spain, Prof Ven. Induragare Dhammaratna from Sri Lanka, Prof Dr Korhan Kaya from Turkey, Irma Piovano from Italy, Prof Wang Banwei, Prof Ma Jiali and Prof Yu from China, Prof Narendra K. Wagle from Canada, Prof Marietta Stepanyants from Russia, Prof Rajendra Arun from Mauritius and Prof David Frawley from the United States.

The conference will conclude with a special lecture by former president of ICCR, Dr Karan Singh, on Upanishads. 


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