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From Canto 7
The sultan with spread bands of pillages
Now had arrived up to the mountains
Enslaving towns, boroughs and villages,
and the more selected elite lines
Sending especially to research
Where are the troops of Vlad brave at lurch.

So doing it was understood afterward
That vodă with war doesn't self draft,
But from hidings coming out, a crowd
after another he loses with craft.
Hence he decided, avoiding tight
Places, from now not go ahead with blight,

But to make encampment in the same place,
Until the Muntenians forced by require,
Either would want war dare to face,
Or coming themselves from own desire
And asking forgiving for their mistake,
Himself and the country will forsake.

Arranging his own big encampment,
He drew all divisions toward self,
And at Bucharest an advertisement
With messengers consignment has sent
How he wants the country to forgive
And only the bad domn prince to sieve.

Vlad understanding this intelligence
From spies and lookouts, all considers,
Being corroded by many cares
And, even he has no fear of bidders,
However much self-advises within
How better arranged the things have been.

A daring thought he planted in his mind:
Alone with his head to know by research
The state of Turkish camp beforehand.
Worth thought to his brave heart as church,
But dangerous, and yet what can not
A soul uplifted over all lot!

Changing his face shape with mastery
And dressing as merchant his image,
Who from Vidin is bringing grocery
At the encampment, speaking Greek language.
And about this at nobody he told,
And from his comrades in hidden rolled.

In that manner spying/prying into all seat
The bivouac how it stays, from which part
Easier would be attack to beat,
Unexpectedly he saw not far
The people running with astonishment
And exultant shout of great merriment:

„Vlad Vodă! Vlad Vodă! they bring him, see!”
And Vlad being near is searches loud,
Gets troubled, stays and what is the key
Doesn't know, that in middle of crowd
He stayed. He was forcing at large outside then,
But the crowd cries again and again.

Now he was about to take out from cloths
The hidden iron self death to provoke,
When he sees how a horsing group shows
Carrying a slave. The shouts louder poke
Anew, as before, and the armed band
Innumerable gathers around.

Then Vlad knew the shortcoming madness
And mixing himself into assemblyman,
Advantage taking of the slackness,
From there unperceived by anyone
He came out to the fixed landmarks guide,
Where his three hundred waited for him hide. 

                                               Translation by George Anca

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