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Budai's Vlad the Impaler 6

From Canto 8
Barely he had reposed half an hour,
When his gentle rest is broken off
By a man's voice roaming his heart bower:
A shadow in the air, blubbers, sobs doff.
The sultan just then his head rises
And watches, but being seized with anguish,

The face with horrified repugnance
Returned from the bitter sight comer,
For in the thin air made his appearance
Hamza, whom in the former summer
Vlad has punished with a savage death
Making to be drawn alive in stake.

With dreadful unfeeling blurred visage,
With sunk eyes, with disheveled stubble,
That one in the air now shows self image;
He invites Mahomet by finger bubble
And to accompany him he calls;
The sultan is following on purpose.

It didn't go but steps three hundred
That shadow, and stretching hand shows him
A place, then perishes like plundered.
O! sorrowful shuddering eye scene!
Here the sultan innumerable
Turkish populace beholds impaled!...

There was a clearing around only
Some three or four miles outdistance brakes,
With a rare grove surrounded lonely,
And inside with thousands and thousands stakes,
Densely together there were aligned,
With Muslim bodies loaded behind.

From Canto 9
“The sultan through me is sending forward,
O, honest boyars, peace, forgiveness!
You will find these ascertained by word
What I say by mouth, in written stiffness
(If by chance to my word you would not trust),
In this firman edict”, and he gave it just.

There the emperor to the country peace,
And to those who toward Mohamet
Will return, leaving Vlad in release,
Forgiveness of slavery and of death
Was promising and wanting to deign
To put a brother of Vodă at reign.

This deputation was entertained
To all boyars council, and immediate
In all country parts it was explained,
With orders that people to deviate
From Vlad not any more disenchantment
Receiving as reigning commandment.

And then to the sultan with bowing
They sent an embassy of elite
To prostrate and forgiveness begging,
And asking that at reign from its height
The Gate justly to let benefit
Who will be taken as worth of it.

From Canto XII
“O, Vlad! (the heavenly messenger cries)
Thus speaks the Maker of all envision:
'Unavailing is your mastery devise!...
Eternal not removed decision
Intends that your people still to be
Long time under pagan slavery!' “

These saying the angel left for good
Finding in a thin cloud dissolution;
The sovereign prince, if well understood
The message and sacrosanct resolution,
Falling on face instantly crosses
Himself with Christian heart at losses.

To commandment he subdues upright.
His most trustful ones he calls up then
And as it happens to all he speaks bright,
With caressing words to be well again;
And defaming the Turkish thraldom,
He chose to go in exile at random.

You go in good health, heroic heart,
For people and heaven have been against
You! Perhaps it will glisten some light
Also to your country, but equal sensed
As it sparkled under you, let them not expect,
If it doesn't want to get awake.

Translation by George Anca

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